How to grow lemons from store-bought lemons

Growing lemons from store-bought lemons is an exciting and rewarding process that allows you to cultivate your citrus trees from the seeds of the fruit you enjoy. While the journey from seed to fruit-bearing tree requires patience, attention, and specific steps, the results can be a flourishing lemon tree right in your own home. Selecting […]

How to grow a mulberry tree from a cutting?

Mulberries are the perfect yummy treat during the summer season. They are loaded with high amounts of protein and other vitamins and minerals like iron and potassium, which are essential for your body. You can even consume dried mulberries like raisins. Despite delicious sweet fruit, the mulberry tree also provides shade during summer. The tree […]

How to Regrow Pineapple Top?

Pineapple is quite famous for its sweet and tangy taste. Its shape is also unique, and no other fruit resembles the pineapple. The delicious fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals essential for your body. It will help to fight inflammation, reduce joint pain, and improve digestion. Pineapples are usually grown in sunny regions of […]

How to grow a mango tree from store-bought fruit?

Mango is a delicious fruit and has a wonderful flavor. It is the king of fruit, loaded with vitamins A and C and other beneficial nutrients for your body. Mango trees require less care and maintenance compared to any other fruit-bearing tree. So you can easily grow them in your garden. But the flavor of […]

How to grow kiwi from store bought fruit?

Do you know that you can grow kiwi from the fruit you bought from the store? With little patience, you will enjoy the process of growing fruit in your house garden. Growing kiwi from seed takes 3 to 5 years. Although it is not a complicated process, you will have to wait for a while […]

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