15 Best Companion Plants for Leeks


Companion planting is defined as a process that offers function in the garden scheme. Companion plants for leeks repel the pests and help in each other’s growing process. It also prevents the predator insect population while improving the growing conditions. But the strong leek scent is not perfect for every plant, but some of them … Read more

How to grow chayote squash at home

growing chayote squash

Do you want to grow chayote squash at home? If so, these tips will help you to grow chayote squash without any difficulty. Chayote squash is loved by many because of its fleshy meat that can be used with curry, and salad. Growing chayote squash is a rewarding experience, and with the right care, you … Read more

How to grow romaine lettuce in water?

romaine lettuce in water

Growing romaine lettuce in water is a great way to have fresh, nutritious lettuce all year round. This method of growing lettuce requires minimal effort and can be done with just a few simple steps. With the right supplies and care, you can easily grow romaine lettuce in water and enjoy its benefits. In this … Read more

How to Regrow Fennel: A Complete Guide


I. Introduction to Fennel Regrowth What is Fennel and its uses Fennel is a flavorful and aromatic herb that is widely used in cooking and herbal medicine. It belongs to the carrot family and has feathery leaves and a bulb-like base. Fennel has a sweet, licorice-like taste that adds depth and complexity to various dishes. … Read more

How to germinate and plant winged bean seeds?

Winged bean

Winged bean has various names like four angles, dragon, and others. They are a good source of nutrients like protein, fiber, magnesium, zinc, and amino acids, which are essential for our body. The best thing about this plant is that all the parts, including the tuber, are edible. You can eat leaves of winged bean … Read more

How To Grow Green Onions From Seed?

grow green onions from the seeds

Green onions are one of the most commonly used vegetables in most houses. They have immense health benefits like it boosts your immune system, helps in keeping your intestine clean, and preventing various deadly diseases like cancer. Most people don’t believe that green onion cannot be produced from seeds as it is a biennial plant. … Read more

How To Increase Egg Plant Yield?

Increase Egg Plant Yield

Eggplant is quite popularly seen in the kitchen of most houses. Some people love to eat eggplant, while others hate it. But the people who love to eat them rarely think of growing them in their field. Some eggplant species take up ample space in your field for growing, while others can even grow in … Read more