How to grow leeks from store bought leeks?

Leek is a vegetable that is relatively easy to grow. The edible portion of the leek is the bundle of leaf sheaths and the white base. Raw leek contains 83 percent water,14 percent carbohydrates, and 1 percent protein. So some people consume it in raw form, i.e., in salads. However, some people cook or boil […]

How to Propagate Philodendron El Choco Red?

Philodendron EI choco red is a perfect indoor plant and is quite famous for its stunning look. The leaves of this plant are heart shape, green in color, and velvety to touch. Simultaneously the back side of the leaves is red, which looks quite attractive. But when the plant matures, the red color on the […]

Can you grow rice from store bought rice?

Rice is a starchy grain used as stable food in various countries worldwide. Some people prefer to take some side dishes along with the rice in their lunch or dinner. You can get brown rice, white rice, and long grain rice in almost every store nearby. But most of the rice varieties on the market […]

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