Philodendron El Choco Red

How to Propagate Philodendron El Choco Red?

Philodendron EI choco red is a perfect indoor plant and is quite famous for its stunning look. The leaves of this plant are heart shape, green in color, and velvety to touch. Simultaneously the back side of the leaves is red, which looks quite attractive. But when the plant matures, the red color on the bottom part of the leaf starts fading.

This plant is quite commonly found in Ecuador and Columbia. Philodendron EI Choco red is found in plenty in the Choco, a place in Western Columbia, and from there, it has got its name.

So, how to propagate philodendron EI Choco red? The propagation is very simple. You need to cut the leaf with a single node and plant it in sphagnum moss. Don’t keep in direct sunlight. A warm, humid region with indirect sunlight is good for growing this plant. You can see the roots within a few weeks. You need to plant it in the soil once you observe the roots.

The article discusses the suitable conditions for growing Phiodendron EI choco red and its propagation. So, keep reading this blog to learn more about this beautiful indoor plant which has a beautiful color and can capture anyone’s attention.

Philodendron El Choco Red

How To Propagate EI Choco Red?

Seeds can propagate philodendron EI Choco Red. But it is a complicated procedure and takes much time to grow. There are two methods of propagating Philodendron EI choco red. The first method is stem cutting, and the other is air layering.

1. Stem Cutting

The steps below describe how to propagate EI Choco Red.

  • Select the place on the plant which you need to cut for propagation.
  • You should select a place with at least a single node and very few leaves.
  • You should do the cut with a disinfected knife to avoid contamination.
  • Clean the cut portion and place it on your side.
  • Take a container and fill it with soil. You can even take perlite or sphagnum moss for better growth. Remember, the container must have a few holes to drain excess water.
  • Now place the stem you had cut and put it in the pot or the container filled with soil.
  • Place the pot in a place where the indirect sunlight falls for maximum duration and has high humidity.
  • You can see new growth after a few weeks.
  • You need to do repotting once you see the beautiful red roots of this plant visible outside the pot. It is the perfect time for repotting.
  • Philodendron EI Choco Red usually grows in the summer and spring seasons, then its growth slows down. So, the best time for propagation and repotting is summer.
  • Don’t choose a very large pot to propagate the philodendron plant. It can hamper its roots.

2. Air Separation

Air layering is a simple and easy process. You don’t have to cut the node of the mother plant to grow another plant of Philodendron.

Below is a list that you need to follow while propagating Philodendron EI Choco Red.

  • Select the node
  • You can choose sphagnum moss or perlite as a growing medium.
  • Now you need to wrap the sphagnum moss ball over the node of the mother plant.
  • Take a plastic bag on it and create a covering over the outer layer of sphagnum moss. The purpose of wrapping a plastic wrap is to hold moisture in the sphagnum moss.
  • Unwrap the plastic bag within a gap of seven days to check the growth of the root. If the sphagnum moss has become dry, then water it.
  • If you do the air layering procedure in the summer months, then within two weeks, it will be ready for potting.
  • After a few weeks, you will observe roots from the node where you have wrapped the plastic bag.
  • Chop below the node by using a disinfected knife.
  • Place it in a new pot with a good amount of soil.
  • The soil must be moist at the time of potting.

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How Can You Care For Philodendron EI Choco Red?

Philodendron Choco red can enhance the beauty of any space in your home. But you need to follow a few rules and conditions so they can grow properly.

Below are the conditions required for properly growing this beautiful indoor plant.

1. Light

Philodendron EI choco red usually grows in semi-shade places in jungles. So, you need to keep this plant in a semi-shade area or places that receive indirect sunlight for maximum hours at your home.

If you place this plant in direct sunlight for a more extended period, the leaves will start wilting, and the colors of the leaves will begin to fade. Additionally, keeping this plant in a shaded area will stop its growth.

Everyone wants their Philodendron to have healthy leaves. So, you need to choose a place where direct sunlight falls only for two hours and not more than it.

For instance, if you have a window facing the east direction, it can be the perfect place for Philodendron. It will have sunlight for a few hours and then receive indirect sunlight for the rest of the time.

2. Water

Water is quite essential for philodendron EI Choco red. It draws water from its roots and not from its leaves. Make sure that the water comes from the drainage holes of the pot to ensure it has passed all the layers of the soil. Try to water them at least once a week. However, in the warmer season, you can give two times a week for good results.

3. Temperature & Humidity

Your philodendron plant should always be placed at a temperature of 680F. The best temperature for Philodendron EI choco red is 750F.

Humidity should always be above 60 percent and not lower than 40 percent for proper growth of this incredible plant.

Are you thinking about how to increase the humidity level at your home? If yes, then don’t worry. You can use a humidifier to increase the humidity level. Misting is also another option.

4. Fertilizer

Fertilizer plays a vital role in the growth of the plant. You need to buy fertilizer with nutrients and minerals like potassium, Nitrogen, Potassium, Sulphur, and calcium. Philodendron fertilizers are also available directly on the market. You can even purchase them for your plant.

This plant grows mainly in summer. So, you need to apply fertilizers every other day. However, you don’t need to use many fertilizers in the winter months. You can apply fertilizer once a month during the cold winter months.

5. Soil

Soil is the next important thing you must consider while growing the philodendron plant. The best soil for Philodendron is well drainage, which drains all the water as quickly as possible to avoid root rotting.

However, you can prefer aroid soil for proper growth of this mesmerizing plant.


Philodendrons have a stunning and outstanding look that can attract any people visiting your house. But consuming this plant is poisonous both for human beings and pets. Your mouth can swell, or you may have vomiting or a headache. It’s best to keep this plant away from pets and children.

Various pests love your philodendrons. So, you must apply neem oil from time to time to eliminate pests.

Again don’t overwater them as it can cause the leaves to yellow. Always give water when you find the top soil is dry.

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