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How to grow mint from store bought mint?

Mint has a pleasant spicy aroma, and consuming them has immense health benefits. The leaves are packed with nutrients like Vitamin A, iron, manganese, and folate essential for our body.

You can easily identify a mint plant not only because of its fragrance but also by seeing the opposite leaves with square stems. The stems of these plants grow upward, and the roots grow precisely where the stem comes in contact with soil, and for this, the plant grows quite rapidly.

You can easily grow the mint plant in your garden, and after a few days, you will find so many mint leaves which you can use for numerous purposes.

The article discusses how to grow mint from the store-bought mint. So, keep reading this article to learn the procedures involved in growing mint plants in your garden after purchasing a bunch of mint leaves from the store.

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Growing store bought mints in pots

Propagation of the mint plant is one of the best activities for a beginner gardener. You need to plant mint in spring, mainly when the snow threat passes away.

You will easily find fresh mint leaves in grocery stores. The best thing is to use store-bought mint cuttings and grow the mint plant in your garden. But ensure that the stem which you use should not old. Additionally, it should retain moisture at the time of planting.

So, if you observe wilting mint leaves in a grocery store, then better not to purchase them for planting as it will have less chance of success.

 We recommend you purchase a fresh bunch of mint leaves to use its stem for propagating in your garden.

Additionally, you must remember that the time between purchasing mint leaves and propagating the cuttings should be as minimum as possible. If you do late in propagating the cuttings, it has less chance of growing.

You must also avoid propagating immediately in sunny areas because it will increase moisture loss.

The fresh green mint leaves from the store can be propagated in soil and water. But we will recommend you propagate first in water and later transfer it to the soil. It is because you can easily prepare it and visualize cutting growth.

mint in pot
Mint in pot

Below are a few steps you must follow to grow mint plants in your garden.

#1. Prepare The Cutting

Your first duty is to select mint cuttings. Try always to choose fresh green mint leaves for high chances of success.

The mint cuttings must be at least 3 to 4 inches long. You must cut the stem with scissors just below the node(where the leaf grows). Allow the mint cuttings to have a few leaves on the top. You can remove the lower leaves from the below for good results.

Store-bought Mints

#2. Put The Mint Cutting In A Water Glass

Now take a glass containing tap water and put the mint cuttings in the water. Always choose clear glass so that you can visualize the roots. Keep the glass near the window where indirect sunlight can fall on the mint cuttings for at least 6 hours.

Avoid strictly keeping in direct sunlight as it can cause moisture loss and stop propagation.

#3. Observe White Roots

You will observe white roots developing from the bottom of the mint cuttings within two weeks. You must allow the roots to develop for at least two weeks to become strong when propagating in the soil.

Additionally, don’t forget to change the water from time to time for the healthy development of roots.

Changing the water in the glass is essential; otherwise, bacteria can develop on the water and stick to the mint roots. The water will also turn cloudy and can hamper plant growth badly.

If you observe cloudy water, then you need to repeat the process once again.

Planting mint stems

#4. Transplant The Root

You need to transplant the root when you observe a bunch of white roots from the base of the mint cuttings. Transfer the mint cuttings into the pot of 6-8 inches. You have to fill the pot with compost soil and then use your fingers to make a 2-inch hole to place the mint cuttings. Cover the hole gently and water the plant.

Keep the pot where it will get a lot of natural sunlight to grow properly. You need to water the mint plant whenever the soil has gone dry.

You can check it by inserting your finger in the soil. If your finger comes out dry, the soil has become dry, and you need to water your plant. But if the finger comes with moisture, you must wait two to three days and then water your mint plant.

#5. Harvesting

You can start harvesting the mint plant when it grows at least 6-8 inches long and have numerous stems.

Harvesting is usually done after two months of planting mint in the soil. The plants are usually harvested in summer and spring. Don’t harvest too many leaves at a time, as it can deplete the plant’s growth.

You can snip off the stems when needed, mainly when you observe that mint stems are getting longer, but the leaves are growing few. You can cut half of the mint stem at that time, and after a few days, you will observe that the leaves are growing in a better size and shape.

Can I Plant Mint In My Garden?

You can grow mint plants in the pot and directly in your garden. But you need to choose the planting place very carefully because it spreads aggressively and can deplete the nutrients available in the soil.

You can select a small garden bed for growing your mint plant. The mint plant loves to grow in fertile soil enriched with compost. But try to plant them at least within a 6 to 8 inches gap for better growth.

What Are The Proper Conditions Required For Growing Mint Plant?

#1. Light

The mint plant loves to grow in the shade. But you can grow them in the sun if you water the plant frequently.

But remember, too harsh sunlight, mainly afternoon sunlight, is not good for the growth of the mint plant. So, you need to select the location accordingly.

#2. Soil

Mint grows well in fertile and well-drained soil. The PH of the soil needs to be slightly acidic to neutral.The soil must drain the excess water; waterlogging can rot the mint tree.

#3. Water

You should not allow the mint plant to grow in soggy soil. Moist soil is the best environment for growing mint plants. You need to check the soil conditions and water the plant accordingly.

#4. Temperature & humidity

The temperature tolerated by the mint plant depends on the species. For instance, if you plant a peppermint plant, then it can tolerate cool temperatures. Additionally, if you plant spearmint, it can tolerate hot and cold temperatures.

High humidity is essential for the growth of the mint plant. Humidity can be an issue in the winter season. For better growth, ensure the plant has high humidity, particularly in the cold seasons.

#5. Fertilizer

You must add a lot of compost to enrich the soil’s nutrients, providing a good environment for plant growth.

Common Pests In Mint Plant

The best thing about the mint plant is that they are usually unaffected by pests. However, stressed plants can be affected by aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can you root mint from the store?

The mint and other herbs you purchase from the market don’t have roots. But you can grow roots again by placing the stem in a glass of water. You will observe white roots developing from the nodes of the mint stem within a few days.

#2. Can you use a picked mint to grow a mint?

Picking mint from the parent plant is one of the easiest ways to grow a mint plant. Your first duty will be to choose to healthy stem from the parent plant. Cut the stem just below the node and remove a few bottom leaves. You can put the stem in a glass containing water and keep the glass in a place where the stem will receive indirect sunlight for at least six months.

#3. Can you put mint cuttings straight into the soil?

Yes, you can put mint cuttings straight into the soil. But try to keep the cutting away from direct sunlight for a couple of weeks as it will take time to adapt to a new environment.

It is a simple and easy method, and within a few days, the mint cutting will develop roots and start growing.


The best thing about growing mint plants is that they don’t need much care and maintenance compared to other herbs. The store-bought mint cutting can be placed in water for a few days to develop roots, and once the roots get stronger, you can place them directly in your garden or potted soil.

You will be harvesting mint leaves after two months which you can use in food or several drinks. Mint leaves have a special aroma that can increase the taste of your food. These leaves are fantastic for digestion purposes. So, grow mint leaves in your garden and enjoy eating them in several forms.

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