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How to grow romaine lettuce from stalk?

Romain lettuce is a powerhouse of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous, which is essential for your body. Additionally, it is a good source of beta-carotene, which converts vitamin A into the body.

So, eating romaine lettuce leaves can provide numerous health benefits. Well, purchasing daily romaine lettuce from stores is quite challenging.

Most people consume leaves and throw the stem of romaine lettuce. But you can use the stem to grow the plant easily at home as it requires water and sunlight. So you can use the stem, put it in a glass jar and keep it near a window where the stem can receive a good amount of sunlight.

It will be an exciting and fun project for both children and adults. You can even learn how to use kitchen waste constructively.

HowTo Grow Romaine Lettuce From Stalk?

Do you love eating romaine? If yes, then you are not alone. Human beings have been growing this plant for many years. It is a favorite sandwich topping in the United States and various parts of the World.

Romaine lettuce doesn’t require much care and maintenance. You can grow the plant with the help of a stalk. If you are new to gardening, then romaine lettuce is the best choice to try and grow in your yard.

Follow the steps below to grow romaine lettuce easily in your yard.

1. Purchase Lettuce

You need first to purchase a packet of lettuce from any grocery store.

2. Cut The End Portion Of The Lettuce

You need now to cut off the end portion of the lettuce. But don’t cut the lettuce too short that you cannot soak them in water. You can cut as many stalks as you want for growing romaine lettuce. Try to leave it almost one inch above the base.

You can use the leaves to make a delicious sandwich. The head of the lettuce can be used to grow some more leaves or establish as a plant. Always cut the lettuce straight. If they tear the lettuce in the middle, it will no longer grow leaves.

3. Put The Stem In Water Filled Container

Now take a container and fill it with water. Place the stem in that container. Ensure that the bottom partition or roots should be thoroughly soaked in water.

4. Place The Container Near The Window

You need to place the container near a window. But ensure that the stem will receive a good amount of indirect sunlight for at least 6 hours.

5. Change Water From Time To Time

You need to change the water in the container each alternate day. The water gets dirty with time. If the roots thrive in dirty water for a longer time, the lettuce will rot quickly. Additionally, there will not be proper growth of the plant.

6. Lettuce Starts To Grow

You will observe that new leaves will start growing from the stem within two days. Simultaneously, the older or leftover leaves will turn brown and develop spots.

7. Transplant The lettuce Into The soil

romaine lettuce stalk

Allow the lettuce to grow in water for almost seven days and then you can think of transplanting it into the soil. The leaves will be nearly 3 inches within one week. So try to plant the stem in the soil. Ensure that the root of the lettuce is entirely covered by soil. But remember, old leaves should not be covered with soil.

If you are planting in your yard, always choose a shaded place for growing romaine lettuce. If you are growing the plant in a pot, then prefer to keep the pot in a shady area.

8. Water Your Plant

Romaine lettuce needs a good amount of water for proper growth. So, you need to water your plant regularly. Additionally, mulch the soil almost within two to three days. Ensure that the soil should remain moist. It will help in retaining the natural taste of the leaves.

9. Time To Harvest

There comes a period when the plant will not have much upward growth. The average height for harvesting the plant is almost 8 inches. Collect the leaves for preparing salad at home. Try always to harvest the outer leaves and leaves the inner leaves for growth.

Romaine lettuce usually takes 65-70 days to harvest. But if we talk about baby romaine, the leaves are ready to harvest in 50-55 days.

How Can I Grow Romaine Lettuce From Seed?

Romain lettuce is quite delicious and perfect for adding to sandwiches. You can easily get them from the grocery store. But homegrown lettuce has a nice flavor and taste compared to market brought lettuce.

We have discussed above how you can grow them with the help of a stalk. Now let’s discuss how you can grow them with the help of seeds.

1. Evaluate The Climate Of Your Region

Your first duty is to evaluate the climatic conditions of your locality. The lettuce grows well at 45 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. You can grow them in early summer or spring for better growth. If you plant them at a temperature above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the leaves will wilt and become brown.

2. Identify The Place And Right Soil For Growing Lettuce

Your next duty is to find where you will grow lettuce. It should receive a good amount of indirect sunlight for proper growth. Additionally, the soil must be well-drained and rich in nutrients.

3. Sow Seeds

Now sow seeds either in your yard or in the pot. Most people like to grow romaine in a pot and then transplant it outdoors. So, if you are planting in a pot, sow one seed in one pot. Additionally, put the seed around one-half to one-fourth inches from the top of the soil for good results.

4. Observe Sprouting

You will observe sprouting within seven to ten days. Well, it may take more days if the climate is too cold or too hot.

But if the seed will not sprout after 20 days, then there may be something wrong with the seed, climatic conditions, or soil.

5. Transplant The Lettuce

 Once you observe that the lettuce has almost 5-6 leaves and has developed good roots, it’s the perfect time for transplanting. You must leave a 12-18 inches gap between two lettuce for proper growth.

6. Harvest

Try to pluck the outer and mature leaves when after 60-65 days of planting. You can use your hand or garden shears to remove leaves.

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Conditions Favourable For The Growth Of Romaine Lettuce.

1. Temperature

 Romaine Lettuce usually grows well in the cool season, i.e., temperatures between 45 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. But it can tolerate some amount of sunlight. So it’s best to grow this lettuce in the spring season or early summer in the United States.

2. Soil

The soil must be rich in nutrients like nitrogen for the proper growth of the plant. Additionally, you must keep the soil consistently moist. You can mix compost in the soil to boost the lettuce.

3. Provide A Good Amount Of Space In Between Lettuce

You must provide at least 12 inches gap between two lettuce. It will provide adequate circulation and prevent the lettuce from rotting.

4. Protect The Plant From Pests

Various animals, like rabbits, squirrel love the taste of romaine. So, you need to find multiple ways to protect the plant. You cannot spread chemicals on the leaves until you finally consume them. You can grow the plant in an elevated container or cover it with garden mesh.

5. Remove Weeds

You should not allow any weeds to grow near the lettuce as they will take away the light, nutrients, and sunlight required for the lettuce. Additionally, you should remove the weeds carefully; otherwise, it can hamper the delicate roots of lettuce.

Points To Remember While Harvesting Romaine Lettuce

1. You should always pluck mature leaves and also from the outer ring. It will enable the lettuce to thrive. Additionally, if you leave mature leaves for a longer time, they will become bitter taste which you will not like, and finally, throw them in the dustbin.

2. If the head of the lettuce is loose and white, the plant has matured. You can anticipate that romaine can mature within 60-65 days after planting in soil. So, if you have planted in spring, you can expect to harvest before it’s too chill.


Romaine lettuce is rich in vitamins and minerals required for our bodies. You can easily grow them in your yard with stalks or seeds. The best thing is they don’t require much space and maintenance to grow. Additionally, you can harvest them within a few days.

So, grow your romaine lettuce and enjoy the fresh sweet leaves. Don’t make delay in harvesting mature leaves, as it can make them bitter.

Thank you for reading this article, and post a few pictures if you grow romaine lettuce in your yard. We will be happy to see those pictures.

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