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How to keep gerbera daisies alive in a vase

Gerbera daisies are a burst of vibrant color and a symbol of happiness. Bringing these stunning blooms into your home can instantly elevate your space. However, their delicate nature requires some care to keep them looking fresh and lively in a vase. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential steps and tips to ensure your gerbera daisies not only survive but thrive in a vase, adding a touch of beauty to your surroundings.

Selecting the Right Gerbera Daisies:

The journey to keeping gerbera daisies alive starts with choosing the right blooms. Opt for freshly cut flowers with vibrant colors and perky stems. Look for petals free of blemishes or discoloration, as these indicators can affect the overall lifespan of the flowers.

Pruning and Trimming:

Upon bringing the gerbera daisies home, the next step is to prune and trim them. Using sharp scissors or pruning shears, cut at least one inch from the stems at a 45-degree angle. This diagonal cut increases the surface area for water absorption, allowing the flowers to stay hydrated more effectively.

Remove Excess Foliage:

Excess foliage submerged in water can contribute to bacterial growth and shorten the life of gerbera daisies. Gently remove any leaves or stems that fall below the waterline, leaving only those that will not be submerged. This not only maintains water cleanliness but also directs the plant’s energy towards the vibrant blooms.

Choose the Right Vase:

Picking an appropriate vase is crucial in the longevity of gerbera daisies. Select a clean vase with a narrow neck, as this prevents the stems from splaying and encourages them to stand upright. Additionally, opt for a transparent vase to monitor water clarity and the overall health of the flowers.

Water Quality Matters:

Gerbera daisies are particularly sensitive to water quality. Use room temperature water and change it every two days to prevent bacterial growth. If possible, use filtered or distilled water to eliminate impurities that might hinder the flowers’ ability to absorb water and nutrients.

Feed Them Right:

While changing the water, consider adding flower food to the vase. These packets often contain essential nutrients and biocides that extend the life of the flowers. Follow the instructions on the packet for the appropriate dosage, ensuring your gerbera daisies receive the nourishment they need to stay vibrant.

Ideal Room Temperature:

Gerbera daisies thrive in temperatures between 65-75°F (18-24°C). Keep them away from drafts, direct sunlight, and appliances that emit heat, as extreme temperatures can wilt the flowers prematurely. Placing them in a cool, shaded area of your home will contribute to their overall well-being.

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Rotate the Vase:

To ensure even exposure to light, rotate the vase daily. This practice prevents the flowers from leaning towards the light source and encourages a balanced bloom. It also helps in maintaining a symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Mindful Placement:

Avoid placing gerbera daisies near ripening fruits or vegetables. Ethylene gas emitted by these items can expedite the aging process of flowers. Choose a location where the daisies can shine on their own without interference from other produce in your home.

Practical Tips for Prolonged Life:

  • Humidity Control: Gerbera daisies prefer a slightly humid environment. If the air is dry, consider using a humidifier or placing a shallow tray filled with water near the flowers.
  • Avoid Crowding: Overcrowding in the vase can lead to bacterial growth. Ensure enough space between each stem for proper air circulation.
  • Regular Inspections: Take a moment each day to inspect your gerbera daisies. Remove any wilting or decaying flowers promptly to prevent the spread of bacteria to healthy blooms.


Bringing the beauty of gerbera daisies into your home doesn’t have to be a fleeting experience. With the right care and attention to detail, you can extend their vibrancy and freshness, turning your space into a haven of floral delight. By following these tips, you’ll not only keep your gerbera daisies alive in a vase but also enhance their natural radiance, ensuring they bring joy and color to your home for an extended period.


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