When And How To Harvest Purple Kale

Kale plants have curly leaves and include various color shades, including purple. You can easily grow kale plants in your backyard, and the time from sowing seeds to harvest takes three months or less. If you are growing kale in the garden for the first time, you must be wondering when and how to harvest […]

How to grow edamame from store-bought

But you can save money by growing edamame in your yard and making a recipe. So, how to grow edamame from store-bought? Edamame can be easily grown in the yard like other vegetable beans. However, if you have purchased frozen edamame from the store, you must wait until it defrosts. Rinse the beans and sow […]

How To Propagate Monstera Obliqua In Water?

Monstera Obliqua is an indoor plant. People love to keep this plant in the kitchen or desk because of its distinguished leaf structure. The leaves of this plant are thin and have more holes but are eye-catching. They require bright but indirect sunlight and a minimum temperature of 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit to grow […]

How to grow leeks from store bought leeks?

Leek is a vegetable that is relatively easy to grow. The edible portion of the leek is the bundle of leaf sheaths and the white base. Raw leek contains 83 percent water,14 percent carbohydrates, and 1 percent protein. So some people consume it in raw form, i.e., in salads. However, some people cook or boil […]

How to Propagate Philodendron El Choco Red?

Philodendron EI choco red is a perfect indoor plant and is quite famous for its stunning look. The leaves of this plant are heart shape, green in color, and velvety to touch. Simultaneously the back side of the leaves is red, which looks quite attractive. But when the plant matures, the red color on the […]

Can you grow rice from store bought rice?

Rice is a starchy grain used as stable food in various countries worldwide. Some people prefer to take some side dishes along with the rice in their lunch or dinner. You can get brown rice, white rice, and long grain rice in almost every store nearby. But most of the rice varieties on the market […]

How to grow kiwi from store bought fruit?

Do you know that you can grow kiwi from the fruit you bought from the store? With little patience, you will enjoy the process of growing fruit in your house garden. Growing kiwi from seed takes 3 to 5 years. Although it is not a complicated process, you will have to wait for a while […]

How to grow jalapenos from store-bought peppers?

The Jalapeno pepper is a cultivar that ranges from mild to medium heat, and it is well-recognized for its cultural and culinary importance in Mexican cuisine. They sit between poblanos and habaneros on the Scoville scale, registering between 2,500 and 8,000 units. There is a good chance you have seen them in the produce section […]

How to grow garlic from store bought?

Garlic is one of the main ingredients of dishes that we consume daily. Garlic can also be used as a garnishing item. Its antibiotic, antiviral, and lipid-lowering properties are useful for our health. Garlic can be grown indoors or outdoors with care. We can grow garlic plants in our home from the cloves. A single […]

Sage Growing Guide for Beginners

Culinary specialist sage is an outstanding, beautiful-looking shrub with greyish green leaves. It is a branch of the mint family that grows well indoors and outdoors and is considered one of the best culinary herbs. If you want to make your place aesthetically beautiful or if you wish to add some flavor to your foods, […]

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